Sunday, July 29, 2012

Living with an Artist-Kitchen Sink View

Most of my readers know that my partner is a fantastic artist.  No, I am not biased.  I've been trying to think of a subject for my next blog post, and as I was washing the breakfast dishes it came to me.  Two images that may seem strange in some homes, but perfectly normal in ours.

There are usually clean paint brushes drying by the sink.

From left to right, a Pat Summitt bobble head, my bracelet I take off before washing dishes, a Weck jar filled with clips, a Weck jar filled with bottle caps and a chicken wishbone, and another Weck jar with used vanilla beans that I dry to put in sugar to make vanilla sugar.  

That is all I have for now.  Mary Ann and I are headed to The Ohio State Fair this morning in search of another idea for a blog post.

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