Saturday, June 16, 2012

Granie's Treasures

This weekend I travelled to Fountain City, TN to help pack my grandmother's apartment.  At age 100 everyone has decided that it is time for her to move into an independent senior living center.  I volunteered to spend the weekend at her apartment and help pack, and for some reason I was given the kitchen to pack.  I think it is the only room that I could find a little enjoyment in packing.  After seeing how much sewing stuff she has, I am sure of it.

I found a treasure!  I found the original copy of Granie's famous chocolate cookie recipe.  Granie never kept her recipe a secret.  She gladly gave it to anyone who requested it.  But no matter how many times we asked for the recipe or how many times we tried to duplicate it, hers were the best.  I remember even watching her make them to see how she mixed it and checked the brands of ingredients she used, and they were still no match to Granie's.  So for all who would like to give it another shot, below is the recipe.  Of course, I will be the judge if they match Granie's so please let me know when you have a few for me to try!

I also found this recipe for butterscotch pie.  I love butterscotch pie and am lucky enough to be here on Father's Day.  It is my dad's favorite pie so I am confident that on Sunday I will get to have some.  I don't remember eating Granie's butterscotch pie.  But the fact that she wrote the word "GOOD" on this and emphasized it, this is a recipe that I will have to try.

I don't remember the meal below.  I tried to think of someone else named Amy that Granie would know, but I couldn't.  So I am going to assume that this was for me.  I wish I did remember it, because I am sure that it was very good.  I love that she still had this tucked away amongst her other recipe clippings.

It's time for me to leave this coffee shop and get back to work packing.  I wonder what I will find today?  Somehow I don't think I will find anything as great as what I discovered last night.

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