Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chocolate Covered Goodness

I think I have have good taste when it comes to food.  Over the years I've learned to appreciate gourmet foods, and have a great respect for those who put a lot of passion into what they do.  However,  when it comes to chocolate covered cherries, it is hard for me to resist a box of 2 dollar candies in the discount cart at the grocery store.  I like them that much.  So when I saw this recipe for Chocolate Covered Cherries I couldn't resist.  If the 2 dollar boxes taste THAT good, homemade must be freaking amazing.  My mother made chocolate covered cherries when I was growing up, but you had to keep them in the freezer for 2-3 weeks before eating.  This recipe calls for making a fondant and you only have to wait 2 days.  I know that fondant can be daunting, however, if you read the comments section in the recipe I linked you will see a neat, time saving technique that works well.  If it weren't for that tip, I wouldn't have attempted it.

Making Fondant

The Short Cut

Fondant Is Ready

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