Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Mary Ann and I have been working on a garden for 4 years and I think I am ready to expand. We have a 4'x 8' bed that has produced quite a few vegetables. However, I would like to start growing some things that take up more room. I would love to grow peas and would like to give okra another try. I'm trying to decide whether to make a bigger bed or just build another one.

I am also getting ready for next year by building a cold box. We have several old windows in the attic that have been gathering dust for years. I got one down and cleaned if off earlier this week. I think it will be perfect for what I want to do.

This year our bumper crop is cucumbers. My challenge is to find many different ways to use them. My first use is sweet pickles. I also made a cucumber and onion salad.

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