Sunday, November 4, 2012

Breakfast in Taos

This morning we woke up early in Taos, NM and decided to see the sunrise.  It was beautiful.  If you ever find yourself in Taos, drive to the Rio Grande Gorge and look back over your shoulder.  It was stunning.  After waking up early I was ready for a good breakfast.  Yesterday we noticed a place on the main drag called Michael's Kitchen.  I could see that there was a nice sized wait for a table so I assumed that it must be good.  This morning we didn't have to wait and we weren't disappointed.  I ordered the Atole-Pinon pancakes.  Essentially these are blue corn pancakes studded with pine nuts. They were incredible.  There were four pancakes and I ate every last bite.

Another sure fire way to know that a restaurant is good is that there is a cute dog hanging out back waiting for the trash to go out.

Since I gushed about the sunrise I thought I should include a picture.

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